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About company

Construction is the main activity of Asia Company LLC (State Certificate №1057-1917-27-LLC dd. May 18th, 2001). The Company has a state license of construction-and-assembling operations (earth works, pipelines and networks organization, processing equipment installation, general overhaul and renovation), license of project and survey works and manufacture of construction materials. The Company was International Quality Standards certified, ISO 9001:2000. The total working area is 1.9 ha. There are plastic windows production workshop; carving wood processing workshop; cars, trucks and construction equipment parking, concrete plant.

The Company has highly qualified specialists in construction field such as mounters team, finishers etc.

The scope of Asia LLC works was more than 2 billions tenge for the last 2 years.

At the present moment the large-scale construction of Water-Supply Pipeline Network Renovation in Beskaragay is being performed; such major projects as School Construction and Flood Damaged Buildings Construction in Zhantikey, General Overhaul of Recreation Centre and etc. were completed in 2010.

The Company is dynamically developing every year and taking the leading positions in construction field of our region. One of the main company’s concepts is not only quality but the high production rate, approaches for reduction of construction terms.

Taking into account The Global Economic crisis when there is a place for natural economic pick, when lots of construction companies failed in their business, our company following the President message “Through the crisis to renovation and development” is focused on stable and progressive development!

Despite of our multifield activity we set the construction as the top goal and fundamental field for successful and confident future! The motto of our company is “We build for a full due!”